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The '''phalanx''' (, ; plural '''phalanxes''' or '''phalanges'''; Ancient and Modern Greek: ) was a rectangular mass military tactical formation|formation, usually composed entirely of heavy infantry armed with spears, pike (weapon)|pikes, sarissas, or similar weapons. The term is particularly (and originally) used to describe the use of this formation in Ancient Greece|Ancient Greek warfare, although the ancient Greek writers used it to also describe any massed infantry formation, regardless of its equipment, as does Arrian in his ''Array against the Alans'' when he refers to his legions. In Greek texts, the phalanx may be deployed for battle, on the march, even camped, thus describing the mass of infantry or cavalry that would deploy in line during battle. They marched forward as one entity. The word phalanx is derived from the Greek word ''phalangos'', meaning finger. The term itself, as used today,...
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